12 Custom Postcards
Everything you thought you knew about postcards should be thrown out the window with these custom postcards!

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Postcards don’t need to be boring, so make your own custom postcards with engaging pictures and an interesting, short message. From cute pets dressed up as doctors to an intriguing owl, these 12 cool custom postcards that will inspire you to create your own.

1. Being Green

Postcards can be a larger size to include more information, but postal rates may change.

13 Custom Postcards 1

Source: 48hourprint.com

2. Just A Dog Doctor and Its Cat Assistant

A cute photo can be uploaded to send reminders to your clients.

13 Custom Postcards 3

Source: printplace.com

3. Accessible So You Remember

This save-the-date postcard has a removable sticker to be kept as a reminder.

13 Custom Postcards 4

Source: cards-with-labels.com

4. Polka-Dotted Fun

Use a template to upload family photos and send out holiday greeting postcards.

5. A Vintage Feel

These RSVP cards have a delicate vintage look.

13 Custom Postcards 6

Source: benignobjects.blogspot.com

6. All Naturale

Be eco-friendly with these recycled postcards made from thinly sliced wood.

13 Custom Postcards 7

Source: nightowlpapergoods.com

7. A Transformation Before Your Eyes

This is the transformer of postcards, changing into a building after reading!

8. Origami Goodness

Origami postcards have cutouts and instructions to create cool ornaments!

13 Custom Postcards 9

Source: onecoolpick.blogspot.com

9. The Sky’s The Limit

Cool photography and design make this a great promotional postcard.

13 Custom Postcards 10

Source: imagemedia.com

10. This Design is a Hoot

Use recycled paper and a vintage design for your hipster wedding.

13 Custom Postcards 11

Source: etsy.com

11. All-in-One Functionality

Re-purpose your postcards by creating table centerpieces with a special menu.

13 Custom Postcards 12

Source: overnightprints.com

12. A Message That Sticks

Use different sticker letters to send a quick and funny message to friends and family.

13 Custom Postcards 13

Source: gadgetsin.com

Custom Postcards = Awesome Postcards

Postcards offer an economical way to advertise, promote, invite, or correspond with customers and clients. There are many ways to create a custom postcard, including the variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Why just stop at one!

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  1. Ha, love the water ski save the date idea. Very cute!