10 Artistic T-shirts
Think of plain white T-shirts as just another canvas!

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We all know our good friend the T-shirt. There is the basic black T-shirt, the basic white T-shirt and the in between.

But let’s face it – sometimes things are better said by a witty or inspiring T-shirt. When a T-shirt is truly well-designed, it can be a work of art.

We’ve scoured the Web for artistic T-shirt designs. By the end of the list, you’re guaranteed to wonder if maybe, just maybe, you need another T-shirt.

Artistic T-shirts 1

Source: jeffkoons.com

Artistic T-shirts 2

Source: youreyeslie.com

Artistic T-shirt 3

Source: scatterbraintees.com

Artistic T-shirts 4

Source: t-shirtguru.com

Artistic T-shirt 5

Source: vintagedesignertshirts.com

Artistic T-shirts 6

Source: drumbum.com

Artistic T-shirts 7

Source: 80stees.com

Artistic T-shirts 9

Source: icantaffordtoloveny.com

Artistic T-shirt 10

Source: boutikboutik.com

Show your artistic side (and back and front) with these unique shirts. Get some holes worn in them and don’t be surprised if you receive some compliments, complaints, chuckles and knuckles. It’s all in a day’s work of a truly artistic T-shirt.

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