10 Business Card Fails (and 5 Good Ones)
It's hard to recover once you've given someone a bad business card!

Sara Barnes

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Let’s get real. Business cards are tricky things to design. They are small in size and you have to fit a ton of information on them.

Often they are the first impression that’s made on a client. What pressure!

While there are many fine designs out there, here are some that fall flat. Maybe it’s the obnoxious font choice or bad clip art. Whatever it is, we can learn where others have failed.

If you can avoid some of these major issues, you’re on your way to a set of business cards you’re proud to share.

10 Business Card Fails 3

Source: 11even.net

10 Business Card Fails 4

Source: aclothlife.com

10 Business Card Fails 6

Source: zazzle.co.uk

10 Business Card Fails 8

Source: zazzle.com


Now how about some good?

These cards are unique and well-designed. They are tiny pieces of collectable art!

10 Business Card Fails 11

Source: Cabin-Time

10 Business Card Fails 12

Source: agbeat.com

10 Business Card Fails 15

Source: nerdprint.com

When you are deciding what you want your business card to look like, remember your audience. Who are you wanting to reach with this card? Potential clients or customers? Figure out the most critical information and design your business card around that. You can’t go wrong.

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Sara Barnes
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