10 Cool Brochure Designs
If you want a cool design for your cool brochure, follow the cool steps of these cool brochures.

Roger Sievers

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Finding the right fit for your brochure design can be tricky.

You want to ensure that it does a few important things. It needs to professionally represent your company, and it also needs to have an appropriate balance of imagery versus information.

In the end, you can’t lose sight of the fact that a brochure’s sole purpose is to help you better market your business, so keep your business goals front and center when evaluating your brochure design.

Below are 10 examples of creative brochures which do that really well.

10 Cool Brochure Designs 1

Source: Sievers Creative



10 Cool Brochure Designs 3

Source: webneel.com

10 Cool Brochure Designs 4

Source: manioc.fr

10 Cool Brochure Designs 5

Source: Hydroteck

10 Cool Brochure Designs 6

Source: Widgets & Stone

10 Cool Brochure Designs 8

Source: Shidler

10 Cool Brochure Designs 9

Source: deviantart.com

10 Cool Brochure Designs 10

Source: deviantart.com

One of the things many designers forget to do is to draw inspiration from other designers. There are so many creative ideas out there and one of them just might fit really nicely into your design.

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Roger Sievers
Roger Sievers
Roger Sievers is the owner of Sievers Creative, a graphic design agency located in Red Wing, MN. They serve the creative needs for a wide variety of small- to medium-sized businesses.


  1. number 4 has terable tabs? interesting!

  2. hmm, like number 6 a lot. never thought about die cutting a brochure like that…

  3. I know, the .gif animation they used to highlight the brochure is awesome too.