10 Cool Mail Art Postcards
Sending a postcard doesn't mean you have to use a generic design. Try making a postcard work of art!

Bonita Gohler

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Mail art can be described as artwork that is exchanged through the mail, and handmade postcards are a great way to send little pieces of art to friends or like-minded artists around the world.

The smaller postcard size lets you be creative without worrying about having to fill up an entire canvas.

You can use just about any type of paper or other materials to make a mail art postcard. There are no limits, only fun and creativity.

Postcard sizes are generally either 4 inches by 6 inches or 5 inches by 7 inches, but whatever size you can send in the mail usually works.

The postcards below give you an idea of the various types of materials and embellishments that can be used to make them.

10 Cool Mail Art Postcards 1

Source: flickr.com

10 Cool Mail Art Postcards 2

Source: Danielle Maret


10 Cool Mail Art Postcards 3

Source: Lenna Andrews

10 Cool Mail Art Postcards 4

Source: Caol Mikkelson

10 Cool Mail Art Postcards 5

Source: flickr.com

10 Cool Mail Art Postcards 9

Source: flickr.com

In this age of ever-increasing online communications, mail art keeps the almost old-fashioned tradition of snail mail alive. Artists from around the world are participating in the mail art movement by sending original little creations through the mail.

Many mail art exchange groups can be found on Flickr and other online sites. Mail art doesn’t have to include only postcards. The envelope itself can also be a piece of art.

Mail art is the free exchange of artwork through the mail and should never be sold.

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Bonita Gohler
Bonita Gohler
Bonita Gohler is an artist living in El Dorado Hills, Calif., and has been making greeting cards, postcards, mail art and other artwork for more than 15 years. You can find more of her creations on her Flickr site, on her website at bonitaspapercreations.com or on Facebook.

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