10 Cool Nightclub Flyers
These flyers know how to draw a crowd.

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Whether you’re planning your weekend or hoping to draw a crowd to your venue, take a look at these examples of creative nightclub flyers. Some are flashy and some are arty, but they all give a sense of a night that’s sure to be unforgettable.

See what piques your interest, draws in your eye, and makes you want to go out on the town.


Source: coroflot.com


Source: uproxx.com


Source: speckyboy.com

We hope these nightclub flyers inspire you to hit the club or reach for your sketchpad with design ideas. Remember to pick colors that convey the kind of night or experience you’re offering, keep things simple on the whole, and choose text that is both unique and easy-to-read.

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  1. Bah , that example on #7 is hilarious!!!!

  2. Great roundup, thanks. The “Corruption” (#6) is actually really creative i think, and would really stand out

    • Kristi Maddox (Printaholic.com)

      Thank you! Yes, I love the simplicity, color and illustration on that flyer as well. I agree, it is very unique compared to most other club flyers out there.