10 Cool Transparent Business Cards
Let your friends, family and clients see the real you with transparent business cards.

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Transparent business cards are more than just see-through pieces of paper, and the transparent or semi-transparent material on which they are printed can be used for very creative effects.

The translucent element can be adapted to almost any business card style, as you will see from the following cool examples, which we hope you will keep as a reference for your own inspiration.

15 Cool Transparent Business Cards 4

Source: Tind

15 Cool Transparent Business Cards 5

Source: digitalfish.tv

15 Cool Transparent Business Cards 6

Source: Genix Design

15 Cool Transparent Business Cards 8

Source: Wildlabs

15 Cool Transparent Business Cards 9

Source: Pinterest.com

15 Cool Transparent Business Cards 10

Source: Pinterest.com

Transparent business cards can cover a wide range of styles. Even regular designs can be adapted to go with a translucent support. The best cards are those that are designed to take advantage of the transparency aspect.

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