9 Fun Flyer Ideas
Funky fonts make for some fun flyers.

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Want to create a flyer that transcends traditional flyer fixtures and commands attention from the first glance to the last word of copy? Do you feel penned in by the traditional modes of flyer creation, scared to step away from the “same old, same old” design concepts due to a lack of inspiration?

Here are 9 ingenious, creative, catchy, colorful, and just plain out-of-the-ordinary flyers. But, all in all, the mix is a captivating collection that shows that your next flyer doesn’t have to be flat, especially when you use our top flyer printer.

1. Complex Hands

A fuchsia foray lends itself to the backdrop of this graphically great flyer — one that flips the script on the traditional vertical layout. The horizontal design is put to good use with hands-on imagery centering a simple and easy-to-read text set.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 1

Source: octopustudio.com

2. Elegant Design

What could’ve been a complex and cloying mix of text, graphics, and photography has become a harmonious flyer thanks to great use of white space.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 2

Source: smokingdesigners.com

3. Odd Yet Interesting

A stunning black and white photo gets an extra kick with electric blue and black color blocks, set in a geometric layout that helps the scientific and modern motif of this flyer resonate.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 3

Source: blog.nextdayflyers.com

4. Striking Typography

This example simply interlaces three colors to make a no-muss-no-fuss all-text flyer. The variation of sizes helps keep things from getting boring.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 4

Source: matome.naver.jp

5. Hauntingly Beautiful

The etched illustration seems to blend the outline of a midnight walk in the woods with the chalk outline of a moving illustration.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 5

Source: chelseavose.wordpress.com

6. Bursting With Flavor

This flyer’s combination of well-balanced elements and juvenile illustration definitely caught my attention.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 6

Source: andysowards.com

7. A Standout Act

An unexpected but nice combination of elements works in this theater flyer. The moody backlighting of a city street lays the backdrop for a simple, colored wooden chair image.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 7

Source: blog.wearecube3.com

8. Simple and Symbolic

The papery color in the background of this poster is airy enough to allow a font color just shades above it to rise up and speak. The central placement of Big Ben draws the eye and keeps the reader engaged.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 8

Source: twylah.com

9. A Modern Twist

From the sans serif font choice to the sunset color pallet, the lounge-like cool of this poster’s layout is hard not to love. Add in a stark white cutout and the piece bursts with mystery.

9 Fun Flyer Ideas 9

Source: flyerboy.com

When it comes to defining what makes a flyer fun, it could be difficult to decide what interesting or exciting elements to include. The takeaway is that when it’s time to print your next flyer, think funky fonts, take a chance with color, and combine elements in a way that is exciting, flexible, and fitting.

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