10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers
Sometimes we just need to behave badly...but secretively.

Sara Barnes

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You’ve probably encountered a passive-aggressive note or two. They are commonly found in the shared kitchen space of offices, public bathrooms and apartments that have thin walls.

The writer is often anonymous (hence the term’s namesake) and takes out their anger with their words.

If these notes aren’t directed at you, they are very funny. It’s amusing to see how people take out their frustrations, and it’s even funnier how other people react to it. Here are some flyers that are doing it right and making me laugh.

10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers 3

Source: buzzfeed.com

10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers 5

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10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers 6

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10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers 7

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10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers 8

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10 Funny Passive-Aggressive Flyers 10

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Let’s get real – some of the anger here is well-deserved. For more funny business (not necessarily in flyer form), check out passiveaggressivenotes.com. You won’t believe some of the stuff you read!

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  1. ha, love the Dwight flyer

  2. lol, whos stupid cat is this! Love it!