10 Graduation Invites That School All the Rest
Graduating is an important milestone in life, so your invitation should match.

Sara Barnes

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Spring is a time that brings flowers…and graduations! And what accompanies graduations? Parties to celebrate!

Make your affair one to remember with well-crafted invitations. After all, it’s your time to shine after years of dedication and hard work. (This new phase and transition in life luckily brings cake.)

10 Cool Graduation Invitations 2

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10 Cool Graduation Invitations 5

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10 Cool Graduation Invitations 6

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10 Cool Graduation Invitations 8

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Many invitations use too much text, so it’s important to consider what fonts you’ll use. Make the fonts easy to read, and try several different sizes that look good up close as well as a little farther away (all relative to how far it is from your face). Remember to vary your type design to keep your invitation fresh and lively.

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