10 Movie Poster Fails
Bad movies will always give us a good laugh, but we can't forget the bad posters that accompany them.

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Box office smash or matinee meltdown, movies can speak volumes. Certain movies defined a decade and bits of the movie live on through DVDs, sequels, spin-offs or even soundtracks.

But one piece of movie memorabilia stands above the rest: the movie poster. Ah, the movie poster. While many movie posters are arguably iconic works of art, many others are not.

Below is a collection of posters that missed the masterpiece mark, to say the least. Whether their eyesore-ness can be attributed to poor imagery, confusing wording or general hokey-ness, you’re about to discover that movie posters gone awry can incite confusion, gasps of horror or – in most cases – laughter.

10 Movie Poster Fails 1

Source: api.ning.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 2

Source: movieposter.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 3

Source: moviegoods.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 4

Source: soundtrackcollector.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 5

Source: gonnaputmeinthemovies.blogspot.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 6

Source: dreamingant.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 7

Source: movies.yahoo.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 8

Source: culttrailers.blogspot.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 9

Source: geekoverture.com

10 Movie Poster Fails 10

Source: 11points.com

As long as movies continue to flood the box office, whether good, bad or ugly, epic poster fails are sure to follow. And we will be laughing or cringing our way through it.

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  1. HA, that dolphins one is rediculous! lol, posting that thing.

  2. This is a hilarious list, ha, thanks so much. Love the 1st one.

  3. I love The Blue Lagoon!!