10 School T-shirt Ideas
Whether you're on the cusp of graduating or coming back for a reunion, these examples will help you put together your design.

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Do you have school spirit? Wear it on your sleeve — or the face of a tee. Here’s a collection of school-themed T-shirts that are sure to get your school spirit into full gear. Whether you want to rile the band up, show that the pep squad lives up to their title, add camaraderie to a reunion crew, or simply unite an entire student body with a cotton tee masterpiece, there’s inspiration for everyone.

1. Letters on Letters

This simple white tee backdrop lets the circular collage of letters pop and their colors play a vibrant role, front and center.

10 School T-Shirt Ideas 1

Source: mintees.com

2. Cool Typography

This simple design has just enough edge to make the cut. The lettering doubles as artwork with a stamp-like look. I also like the “+” replacement in the letter openings.

10 School T-Shirt Ideas 2

Source: classb.com

3. Royally Regal

An off-centered design takes center stage with this regal enterprise. The Gothic lettering is right on cue, and the vibrant tangerine contrasted with the burnt burgundy is equal parts bright and subdued.

10 School T-Shirt Ideas 3

Source: classb.com

4. Splattered School Spirit

In the case of this tee, set against a white backdrop, there’s just enough chaos present without getting overwhelming or looking juvenile. The complimentary shades blend amidst the splotches to allow the lettering to be readable, even in an overlay set-up.

5. Clawing to the Top

You can always take the mascot theme and use just a portion of it to your tee’s advantage, like with this paw-print design, etched in gray against a navy backdrop. Print up some paw-themed designs and all you need are two colors to hear the roar of school spirit.

6. Shining Bright

Looking for a stunning visual with a minimalist touch? Look no further than lettering — with a holographic feel. Spell out your school spirit with a little shine and you’ve got a simple yet stunningly brilliant tee that you’re sure to see all over the school, time and again.

7. Vibing Out

Just because your students don’t have a clue where the peace sign originated doesn’t mean that you can’t implement a 60’s design that can be enjoyed equally by faculty and students.

10 School T-Shirt Ideas 7

Source: imanischool.org

8. Colorful & Creative

The kids all get together for this fun design that uses a kelly-green shirt to showcase a footloose and fancy free graphic with shadow appeal. The design is eclectic without being too trendy, and the minimal use of colors creates an on-point impact.

10 School T-Shirt Ideas 8

Source: customink.com

9. Classic Meets Academic

Think school tees end with your days of academia? Think again, with this reunion-themed tee. Get your classmates reunited from the get-go with shirts that help set the tone for some reminiscing, in this case, of the years when oversized flannel shirts, Doc Martens, “Friends,” and the Spice Girls ruled the pop culture world.

10 School T-Shirt Ideas 9

Source: cafepress.com

10. A Shirt to Remember

Good choice with the hunter green color of this safari themed tee — it’s sure to hide all the grass stains and spilled lunches that the backpacked travelers may encounter during their group journey.

Suit Up in School Spirit

Use these examples as a springboard for your own school-themed designs. Whether you have a reunion coming up, are a graduating senior, or trying to drum up some funds at a football game — be true to your school.

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  1. most of these suck. even my crappy school had a cooler shirt than most of these.