11 Awful T-shirt Designs
From straight-up bad design to offensive content, these T-shirts are just awful.

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Whether you’re making your own T-shirt or just seeking some inspiration, don’t fall into the dark abyss of creating awful T-shirt designs.

Just like taking a peek at good examples can help spur your imagination, so hopefully these bad examples below can help you steer clear of any terrible T-shirt ideas.

1. Unnecessary Statement

In the world of T-shirt verbiage, it seems the bar is constantly being lowered as to what is acceptable. I think a new record has been set with this insensitive shirt below.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 1

Source: freakingnews.com

2. Nerd Jargon

Sorry, but I couldn’t find any real reason to laugh at this shout-out to nerd humor. Perhaps, I just don’t get it.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 2

Source: etsy.com

3. Terrible Font Choice

In the case of this T-shirt, even if it does happen to be true (and kudos to you if it is), do you really need to show it in grungy yellow font?

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 3

Source: bigtimeteez.com

4. Confused Objective

There is just too much going on here. Also, that design looks like a giant fish eating the model’s head.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 4

Source: sparklepony.blogspot.com

5. Design Fail

I just don’t get what this is trying to accomplish.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 5

Source: dailyc.com

6. Missing “Wow” Factor

This shirt’s effect is… confusing at best; a slurred, imperceptible statement at worst. You pick.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 6

Source: flyingratnyc.com

7. Just Plain Weird

You know that one couple, the one that can’t seem to get enough of each other? They may enjoy this concept in design, but I do not—and we shouldn’t have to consider them donning this at any time, public or private.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 7

Source: theworststuffever.com

8. Awkward and Uncomfortable to Look At

Sailor, or Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 8

Source: mypartyshirt.com

9. Pug-alicious Gone Wrong

The really awful thing about this shirt is that you can’t tell where he starts and where he ends.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 9

Source: thefw.com

10. Target Missed

The artist here stuck a syringe in a piece of iconic pop art, and, if the goal was to kill the awesome design, then congratulations. (The text reads, “Actual pain.”)

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 10

Source: store.actualpain.org

11. Sexist and Stupid

There are several problems with this one, including sexism and bad design.

11 Awful T-shirt Designs 11

Source: shine.yahoo.com

Dress with Class

Alright, well, it’s fair to say that in the world of bad T-shirts the options seem to spin on and on. However, I feel confident that, with this brief overview, we’ve covered some of the major bases. Just to review: No winged tees, misspellings, kindergarten art or outdated Honey Badger references. Got it? Great! No go forth and dress smart!

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  1. omg that dog one is so funny

  2. Good god, these are atrocious.

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (Printaholic.com)

      While looking through a bunch of different t-shirt designs, we found so many that we had to show a few of them off :).