11 Campaign Posters
We've seen tons of elections roll in and roll out, bringing with them tides of campaign materials. Some things don't change from election cycle to election cycle.

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Every two to four years, it seems as if every yard, street corner, or public space gets cluttered with campaign materials. Interestingly, over the past few decades, there’s been very little change in regards to which elements are included in election posters.

Most include red, white, and blue, have some concept of the American flag, the candidate’s name, and a slogan. Here are 11 examples of campaign posters used over the years.

1. Simple Meets Patriotic

The background is reminiscent of the flag, the name is in bold, and Kennedy’s smile is charming: all classic campaign poster elements.

11 Campaign Posters 1

Source: jfklibrary.org

2. A Retro-Spective

Although one of the more recent posters on the list, this is somewhat retro. The designer used technology to create a rendering of Obama in the standard red, white, and blue.

11 Campaign Posters 2

Source: danieldaq.blogspot.com

3. Helping the Community

Here are two versions of Humphrey’s 1972 campaign poster, showing the candidate interacting with people, and an example of his slogan, “The People’s Democrat.”

11 Campaign Posters 3

Source: ebay.com

4. A Bold Statement

This poster for candidate Hillary Clinton is different in that it strays from the traditional colors. However, it does have the positive image of the candidate and the name in bold.

11 Campaign Posters 4

Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com

5. Stark & Straightforward

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy chose this ethereal poster. It has the slogan, positive imagery, and his campaign website.

11 Campaign Posters 5

Source: nickcrocker.tumblr.com

6. A One-Word Statement

This poster is bold and eye-catching. It encourages name recognition and includes the web address where you can learn about the candidate’s views.

11 Campaign Posters 6

Source: zazzle.com

7. It’s All in the Details

The background starburst is a fairly common design element in campaign posters: It conveys a sense of energy and draws attention.

11 Campaign Posters 7

Source: zazzle.com

8. Fancy Design Catches the Eye

The poster below is actually a stock layout that can be customized for any candidate. It has all the right elements and is very modern.

11 Campaign Posters 8

Source: stocklayouts.com

9. A Call to Action

A great photo is key.

11 Campaign Posters 9

Source: reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com

10. Old-School Cool

Especially for smaller elections, it’s good to include a strong call to action, such as this one that reminds voters of election day.

11 Campaign Posters 10

Source: ronwade.freeservers.com

11. Plain & Clear

White space emphasizes the candidate’s name.

11 Campaign Posters 11

Source: theatlantic.com

There’s a Reason Why Some Things Never Change

Campaign posters don’t have to have the standard elements, but those elements are easily recognized by voters. There is a reason those elements have not changed. They communicate the appropriate feelings and have an emotional effect on the viewer. Campaign posters are brief, and fortunately there is now the ability to direct voters to a website where they can become more informed.

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