11 Colorful Brochures
Drive eye traffic by using vibrant and lively colors.

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It’s a big, bright world out there, so why settle for a dull palette on your next brochure? To help guide your inspiration, I’ve gathered a bunch of creative brochures that have put hues to good use.

Whether you let one color steal the show or use an array of shades, these examples show that just a little color can have a big impact.

Colorful Brochures 1

Source: behance.net

Colorful Brochures 2

Source: behance.net

Colorful Brochures 3

Source: thefinishedbox.com

Coloful Brochures 4

Source: jayce-o.blogspot.com

Colorful Brochures 5

Source: graphicdesign.stocklayouts.com

Colorful Brochures 6

Source: tutslist.com

Colorful Brochures 7

Source: twylah.com

Colorful Brochures 8

Source: inkd.com

Colorful Brochures 9

Source: inspirefirst.com

Colorful Brochures 10

Source: quarkpromote.com

Colorful Brochures 11

Source: 1stwebdesigner.com

I hope you’ve picked up a few tips on making color work for your next brochure. Remember, you don’t need to necessarily be bold, but don’t be afraid to embrace vibrant hues.

Also: white space is your friend and can help a colorful design from getting too busy.

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  1. these are great! Going to show this to our marketing guy, all our brochure are so boring.

  2. This is a grand collection. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!