11 Cool Classroom Posters
You want to keep your students from falling asleep, so decorate your room with cool posters.

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Most teachers understand how hard it is to grab the attention of the students.

Having said that, these 11 classroom posters get an A+ for their ability to mix graphic design elements with an educational message.

11 Classroom Posters 1

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11 Classroom Posters 2

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11 Classroom Posters 3

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11 Classroom Posters 7

Source: e-junkie.info

11 Classroom Posters 10

Source: scar.org

When it comes to classroom posters, it can help to go back in time and use a retro design. Graphics and heavy text can work, but finding a nice balance with white space will keep things from getting too visually busy. Photos can be a grabbing way to draw the eye in, especially when they’re seesawing veggies.

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  1. Yep, totally had that reading one on number 9 in one of my elementary school rooms. geeze.

  2. Thanks for the list!