11 Cruise Brochures
Take a cruise through these stunning cruise brochures. Don't you wish you were there already?

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The smell of salt air, the warm brush of a soft ocean breeze, the inevitably bright, tacky shirts of the other ocean-goers–there’s nothing like a restful cruise. But sometimes there’s no time, money, or vacation days to make it to a far-off destination.

That’s why I’m bringing the vacation to you…with design. Whether your interest is getting away (if even just in your mind) or taking a look at some design examples, breeze through our list below.

11 Cruise Brochures 1

Source: etsy.com

11 Cruise Brochures 2

Source: squareorange.co.uk

11 Cruise Brochures 3

Source: ontravel.com

11 Cruise Brochures 4

Source: simplonpc.co.uk

11 Cruise Brochures 5

Source: twintowersnyc.com

11 Cruise Brochures 6

Source: behance.net

11 Cruise Brochures 7

Source: rubylane.com

11 Cruise Brochures 8

Source: holidaywizard.co.uk

11 Cruise Brochures 9

Source: backpackingmalaysia.com

11 Cruise Brochures 10

Source: cruisingexcursions.com

11 Cruise Brochures 11

Source: cruiseexpress.com

If you’re dying for some time away but are anchored at home, I hope these travel brochures, at least for a little bit, alleviated the ho-humness of being stuck. If you were looking for some ideas of your own, play around with retro design, color schemes, and captivating photos.

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