11 Text-Only Posters
Strong examples of the power of text.

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Think your poster needs a ton of graphics to stand out? Normally you’d be right.

Graphics are really important when making a poster, but sometimes all you need to grab attention and send a clear-cut message is a really awesome font or text composition.

Take a look at this handful of great graphic-less posters that only use text.

1. Loud Letters

This feels like “Schoolhouse Rock.” The sketchy design of the wording and the sizing differentiation allow the words to leap off the page, and the vertical layout lets the lettering stack up with ample width.

Text-Only Posters1

Source: gigposters.com

2. Black With No Spaces

Unpretentious to its core, this poster uses a white backdrop black font and stencil-like lettering layered in different sizes to make a point.

3. Spacial Typography

This familiar layout lets what could be a confusing design of words and text become a graphic work of art.

4. Words Speaking Loud As A Picture

Here’s another text-as-graphic poster, but this one uses an increasingly popular form of copy mixture, wherein different hues of the same color are blended to add dimension. In this case, a basic yellow gets rusted, washed out, bronzed, and brightened for a lettering-laced lager glass that’s artistic.

Text-Only Poster4

Source: ffffound.com

5. Stretching the Message

The way the first and last letters are elongated creates outlines that bring the centered text into sharp focus.

6. Spiraling Out of Control

Letters make a point in this multidimensional poster.

7. Colorful Words

This example shows the use of letters as art in a way that’s more collage than text box.

8. Gooey Goodness

Letters take shape in this poster.

Text-Only Poster8

Source: billandrusdesign.com

9. Stark Text Sticks Out

A tangerine color choice stands out against a white background with a citrus-like, refreshing feel. Easy to read, large lettering makes the design stand out and up.

Text-Only Poster9

Source: elorg.net

10. 3D Wonder

Blocks of text meet and intersect with a Rubik’s-cube effect on this poster that blends a washed-out backdrop with a retro red font choice.

Text-Only Poster10

Source: blog.iso50.com

11. Reinforcing the Message

Texture rises to the occasion in a multidimensional and multifaceted way.

Do More than Spell Out a Message.

Embrace the power of words to take shape, rise up, color the landscape, or just lay the foundation for a well-made poster.

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  1. Really like the question mark one. Saw a cool poster for a bowling ally the other day that would fit this list.

    • Kristi Maddox (Printaholic.com)

      I agree, the question mark poster is really unique. If you happen to get a picture of that poster or any other you see, feel free to send it our way!