12 Awkward Photos
Don't worry, you aren't in any of these photos. Or are you?

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It can happen in an instant. In the amount of time it takes to click the shutter button, you can have a picture worth a thousand awkward words.

From bad haircuts to tearful infants, we’ve scoured the Web to collect some of the best (or worst?) examples of awkward photos.

Be prepared to cringe, laugh or even shudder at what you see.

Awkward Photos 1

Source: swiss-miss.com

Awkward Photos 2

Source: psfk.com

Awkward Photos 4

Source: smosh.com

Awkward Photos 4

Source: blogs.babble.com

Awkward Photos 5

Source: theouthousers.com

Awkward Photos 7

Source: blogs.babble.com

Awkward Photos 8

Source: smosh.com

Awkward Photos 8

Source: izismile.com

Awkward Photos 9

Source: izismile.com

Awkward Photos 10

Source: nedhardy.com

Awkward Photos 11

Source: holytaco.com

Awkward Photos 12

Source: twicsy.com

Admit it, you were scared you were going to find a photo of yourself in there somewhere. I was too.

We know all too well that when cameras are present, awkwardness is just around the corner. And it often comes out in full force!

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  1. omg i can totally see my family in a photo like this

  2. HA! these are so funny. #9 has to be fake