12 Creative Wedding Invitations
Send your friends and family the cool invitations they want to receive!

Betsy Becker

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My brother recently got engaged, and being the wonderful little sister I am, I volunteered to design the invitations for his wedding.

Even though the wedding is more than a year away, it’s never too early to start gathering a collection of creative wedding invitations to use for inspiration.

While searching for ideas, I found the possibilities are endless when it comes to invitations.

Here are just a few of the coolest, most creative designs I have come across.

12 Creative Wedding Invitations 3

Source: etsy.com

12 Creative Wedding Invitations 5

Source: Douglas Behl

12 Creative Wedding Invitations 7

Source: Susan Allen

12 Creative Wedding Invitations 11

Source: Molly Jacques

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional or something completely out of the box, there are plenty of options to make your wedding invitations just as special as your big day.

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Betsy Becker
Betsy Becker
Betsy is a graphic designer at an ad agency in Columbus, Ohio. She has never blogged before and has no idea what to write for her bio. She can be reached on cargocollective.com.

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  1. wow these are so so neat! I love the coloring on #5!!!