12 Nifty Postcard Ideas
These ideas will make you rethink snail mail!

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Ready to hit the road, set a date or want to communicate with customers, friends or clients? Well, hold off on your e-blasts — and reconsider postcards!

These little placards are sturdy, sound pieces that have stood the test of time. They are a versatile, fun medium that offer a bunch of ways to get creative and have a great time communicating any manner of messages.

Take a look at our collection of fun postcards to jumpstart your next two-sided, one-stamped message endeavor.

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 1

Source: wezile.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 2

Source: megnificentmade.wordpess.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 3

Source: designswan.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 4

Source: modishblog.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 5

Source: queness.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 6

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12 Fun Postcard Ideas 7

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12 Fun Postcard Ideas 8

Source: nextdayflyers.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 9

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12 Fun Postcard Ideas 10

Source: weheartit.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 11

Source: bestdesigntuts.com

12 Fun Postcard Ideas 12

Source: denbagus.net

One of the nice things about postcards is they can’t land in a spam folder, get deleted or flagged as junk.

Even in our increasingly e-based world, postcards still strike a powerful chord with recipients. Add in some great creativity, consider your limitless options, be willing to have some fun with your design and you’re sure to be a back on the postcard bandwagon.

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  1. Wow, some really cool postcards on here! Absolutely LOVE #8!!!