12 Marketing Brochure Ideas
If you want to avoid making boring brochures, you should check out these designs.

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Brochures are an essential marketing tool for any business. Often a brochure is the first contact a potential customer has with a business, so it’s important to put a lot of time and effort into making it.

You want to come off as professional and competent, and that’s reflected in your brochure’s design. Here are 12 good marketing brochures and what makes them work.

Marketing Brochure Ideas 1

Source: personaltrainerbusinesscard.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 2

Source: goodworkmarketing.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 3

Source: goodworkmarketing.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 4

Soruce: kps3.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 5

Source: cloudburstdesign.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 6

Source: willamsgraphicdesign.wordpress.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 7

Source: badpeoplegoodthings.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 8

Source: breakthroughbroker.com

Marketing Brochure Ideas 9 Source: ellephillips.com[/caption]

Marketing Brochure 10

Source: mspaceholdings.com

Marketing Brochure 11

Source: c-e.com

Marketing Brochure 12

Source: luxuryhomebrochures.com

Use the brochures above as inspiration to create your own brochure. Think about the reasons why these brochures look good and how they communicate the intended message.

As you think about the design you want to incorporate, try to consolidate your key information into succinct points. Too much text can discourage the reader. Also keep in mind the power of images. You want to represent your brand in an attractive manner.

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  1. The cruse brochure in #11 has a really clean look to it. very cool.