12 Uses for Flyers
12 flyers that get the job done.

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Flyers are a versatile form of marketing. They are fairly easy to create, print, and distribute, and they have several uses – just check out these examples below.

Source: leedigitalarts.in

Source: youthdesigner.com

Source: yannickdecosse.wordpress.com

4 flyer uses

Source: sustainableflatbush.org

5 flyer uses

Source: rossdawsonblog.com

6 flyer uses

Source: theunconvention.com

7 flyer uses

Source: zdennismediagroup.com

8 flyer uses

Source: fromancreative.com

9 flyer uses`

Source: nopetstorepuppies.com

10 flyer uses

Source: taradel.com

11 flyer uses

Source: theuscaa.com

12 flyer uses

Source: fedex.com

No matter what it is you need to advertise or promote, a flyer can be an effective and affordable method. Think about your audience, message, and how you will distribute your flyers before starting to work on your design. Also remember to make the important information concise and legible, and your flyer will get the job done.

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  1. I have printed some flyers for my business and have tried just handing them out to people on the street near our location. Sometimes they seem to have a big impact, but other times people just completely ignore them or throw them away.

    • Kristi Maddox (Printaholic.com)

      Great thoughts, groundhog! It is true, depending on the look and quality of the flyers that are being handed out, along with who your handing them to and, of course, what exactly you are handing them out for, can make a staggering difference on the receptiveness of the message.

  2. i personally do not like the flyers that have all that text crammed in them. would not read that at all.