13 Awesome Accordion-Fold Brochures
Accordion to the experts, these brochure are amazing!

Sara Barnes

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Folds on folds on folds…that’s what these brochures have! And while the amount of panels might seem daunting, here are some designs that get it right.

These designs use things like pop color to highlight important information, clear and engaging photographs and design elements that make the entire piece feel cohesive.

Is the accordion brochure fold type the right way to go for you? Check out these great examples below and find out!

Accordion-Fold Brochures 1

Source: Rebecca Liggins


Accordion-Fold Brochures 2

Source: ffffound.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 3

Source: Haifa Port

Accordion-Fold Brochures 4

Source: txellgracia.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 5

Source: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 6

Source: hongkiat.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 7

Source: criatives.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 8

Source: smashingapps.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 9

Source: dribbble.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 10

Source: designwebkit.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 11

Source: identitydesigned.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 12

Source: amandajanejones.com

Accordion-Fold Brochures 13

Source: designbolts.com

Personally I find brochures easiest to read when there is some sort of visual system and when I can understand how information relates to each other. Making the piece flow is something this fold type helps accomplish.

Always keep the reader in mind when designing these. What will make the most sense for them? Will your images help or hurt what you’re trying to say? All of those questions and more will be impressively answered with the right accordion-fold brochure.

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Sara Barnes
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  1. made some of these for a cliet the other year, was a great success