13 Cool Circular Business Cards
Give a new shape a chance. This will make your business card stand out from the pile.

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Do you think your business card has to be a rectangle or even a square? Think again!

In fact, throw that box of rectangular blah-ness out the window. It’s time to turn things around with some ideas for captivating business cards.

Put a new spin on the concept of business card creation by letting things take on a whole new shape. The results can help you stand out from the squares.

Circular Business Cards 1

Source: behance.net

Circular Business Cards

Source: cardgala.com

Circular Business Cards 3

Source: hulabye.com

Circular Business Cards 4

Source: oooo.com.ua

Circular Business Cards 5

Source: ls-unscripted.com

Circular Business Cards 6

Source: wemadethis.co.uk

Circular Business Cards 7

Source: garynevittphotography.com

Circular Business Cards 8

Source: morrowdesign.com

Circular Business Card 9

Source: greatoakcircle.com

Circular Business Card 10

Source: spilledmilkdesigns.com

Circular Business Cards 11

Source: visualaddicted.com

Circular Business Card 12

Source: dribble.com

Circular Business Cards 13

Source: welldressedvandals.com

Consider stepping outside the business card box with a new shape. Your designs will open up to fill the new space, and your business card will stand out.

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  1. this list and the die cut list are pretty awesome and gave me some great ideas for one of our next card projects. thanks guiys

  2. have laready seen most of these, get some new examples please