13 Cool Die Cut Flyers
When you use die cuts, you're employing different and engaging shapes.

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If you want to be a cut above the rest, you’re going to have to break free from the mold and consider a die cut flyer.

Whether for your business, a promotion, event or just to stand out (or up or sideways), die cuts could be just what you need.

For the purpose of guiding your inspirational die cut prowess, we present to you a few of the most unique die cut molds that are far from cookie cutter.

Die Cut Flyers 1

Source: heshone.com

Die Cut Flyers 2

Source: papershapers.co.uk

Die Cut Flyers 3

Source: origincreativemedia.com

Die Cut Flyers 4

Source: imaginativecows.com

Die Cut Flyers 5

Source: cat5iveprint.com

Die Cut Flyers 6

Source: ukflyers.com

Die Cut Flyers 7

Source: tentaclemedia.co.uk


Die Cut Flyers 8

Source: myspace.com/freshpress

Die Cut Flyers 9

Source: behance.net

Die Cut Flyer 10

Source: blog.nextdayflyers.com

Die Cut Flyers 11

Source: nuwaveprinting.com

Die Cut Flyers 12

Source: heshone.com

Die Cut Flyers 13

Source: nakedcreativity.co.uk

Stand out and step out of the square and rectangular design box. There are so many cool and interesting things you can do with die cut designs. You’re almost unlimited in your options.

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  1. wow, love the cow one!!!

  2. the ski guy is pretty clever…