13 Cool Dorm Posters
Dorm rooms can be boring and shabby, so add some personality to yours with some cool posters!

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Posters are a fundamental part of any dorm room. They are a way to bring life to a space and represent your personality.

This list of cool posters includes those that are based on movies, music, arts and more. Some are funny and irreverent, some are beautiful and inspirational, and some are just plain cool.

15 Cool Dorm Posters 1

Source: movieposter.com

15 Cool Dorm Posters 2

Source: movieposter.com

15 Cool Dorm Posters 3

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15 Cool Dorm Posters 4

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15 Cool Dorm Posters 5

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15 Cool Dorm Posters 9

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15 Cool Dorm Posters 10

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15 Cool Dorm Posters 11

Source: empireposter.de

15 Cool Dorm Posters 12

Source: ozgameshop.com

15 Cool Dorm Posters 14

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15 Cool Dorm Posters 15

Source: allposters.com

Have you seen any of these posters before? Are any of them hanging on your dorm wall right now? Which ones are we missing?

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  1. The Empire Wants You! I love this.