13 Cool Garage Sale Flyers
You'll have neighbors lining up around the corner to look at your junk, I mean hidden treasures.

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A garage sale can be a great chance to help get rid of some of your old goods. But don’t jeopardize your downsizing opportunity–make sure you create an eye-catching flyer that stops bargain hunters at first glance.

Of course, if you really want your flyers to pop with the highest quality, recreate a favorite design from below and print it professionally from one of the top online flyer printers!

14 Garage Sale Flyers 5

Source: suffolkva.us

14 Garage Sale Flyers 7

Source: laspacecadets.com

14 Garage Sale Flyers 9

Source: renosparksmom.com

14 Garage Sale Flyers 13

Source: zazzle.com

What was your favorite pick? The retro recreation? The rockabilly renovation? Whatever your favorite design was, I hope you gathered some inspiration to help declare your sale with decadent flair.

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  1. omg love the grandma one.

  2. most of these stink! I made a flyer for my yard sale that brought people in by the truck load

  3. @mmww what a negative comment

  4. I LOOVE “The Nanny” so the “Grandma Yetta” one was hilarious!