13 Cool Restaurant Flyers
Double entendres (with a side of noodles) make these restaurant flyers delectable.

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Looking to fill your booths with as many customers as possible, or maybe you have an aesthetic for food-related graphics? No matter where your interest comes from, you’ll find some food for thought in this list of restaurant flyers—and will perhaps create your own.

From funny to eye-catching graphics, turn to these flyers the next time you need a little mealtime inspiration. Bon appétit!

1. Cheesy Goodness

The color scheme, a mix of peppery green, cheesy yellow, and roasted pepper red, screams “Yummy!” This flyer is able to bring a lot to the table while still serving as a well-placed parlor playbill.

2. Fine Design Meets Fine Dining

I love that the fork dons a chef’s hat, and the subdued backdrop gives off a relaxed vibe. This layout option has variations, too–place a pic or two in the background to change it up. Otherwise, you can let the graphic do the talking, with easy-to-read text spots for your establishment’s name, contact information, and location.

3. Quirky & Cute

Start with subtle wood paneling with a red hue, add in some swirling yet easily read text, top it off with a trio of characters and you’ve got a recipe for an original flyer that will grab eyes—and diners.

13 Restaurant Flyers 3

Source: mento.info

4. Enticing the Palate With Color

Another example that makes use of a subdued color scheme to set a feel-good vibe, this design gets added appeal with a simple grid pattern that provides pockets for photos, text, and all the details you want your diners to know.

13 Restaurant Flyers 4

Source: pixelube.com

5. Coming to a Full Circle

Great design gets a different shape in this example, where vino meets in the center of a Venn diagram. This flyer is a clean, easy way to show patrons that your establishment is the perfect place for all occasions.

13 Restaurant Flyers 5

Source: Jennifer Hicks

6. Simple Yet Elegant

This flyer shows that you don’t need a lot of words—or color—for a captivating restaurant-themed flyer. Note the simple use of text on the right side of the design that stands out and is easy to read.

13 Restaurant Flyers 6

Source: adoholik.com

7. Caught in the Act

Have a dining establishment where your patrons can get a little messy? Then have some fun with a flyer like this one, where a spilled meatball is nothing to cry about.

13 Restaurant Flyers 7

Source: adverbox.com

8. Noodle in the Hole!

Use photography front and center for an in-your-face flyer that will bring diners to port. This example doesn’t lay out any text, providing an opportunity to fill in your own words in a way that gets diners to your restaurant.

9. All Rolled Up

Words are food and food is art in this flyer collage.

13 Restaurant Flyers 9

Source: Interone

10. Straight to the Point

This horizontally-aligned flyer has a decidedly less complex graphic mix than the example above, but, thanks to a great balance of text, color, and a center-placed salad, it’s a simple take on a flyer that’s all together great.

13 Restaurant Flyers 10

Source: 22squared

11. Getting Cozy and Feeling Sleek

Willing to try something a bit more risque? What better way to conjure up feelings of romance in association with your eatery than to show how cozy everything inside your restaurant is, including the flatware? Text is subdued in small point, simple black in this example, letting the image take center stage.

13 Restaurant Flyers 11

Source: adliv.in

12. Eye-Catching Gibberish

Not all restaurant flyers are aimed at the clientele, as this very original “help wanted” example clearly shows. This example is a prime showcasing of how clever wording can negate the need for spruced up graphics.

13 Restaurant Flyers 12

Source: jobs.aol.com

13. A Minimalist Cut

If your goal is to show potential diners your fare is fresh, why not use a photo and get right to the point?

13 Restaurant Flyers 13

Source: Volcano

When it comes to spreading to word on where to eat, your options are vast. You can go simple, playing up one color with cartoon figures, use humor, double entendres, or even noodles to play into the hands of your hungry new customers.

Be imaginative and find a design that fits well with the mood of your establishment, the vibe of your offerings, and the experience you want your diners to have.

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