13 Cool Valentine’s Day Stickers
We're sticking it to Valentine's Day - in a good way !

Sara Barnes

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Who needs sweeping grand gestures on Valentine’s Day? Not me. Especially when I have stickers!

No matter how small or simple they are, they always send the message loud and clear.

Below are some examples of sticker design that let your special someone know exactly how you feel about them.

15 Cool Valentine's Day Stickers 1

Source: Ika Boushi

15 Cool Valentine's Day Stickers 4

Source: AmandaCreation

15 Cool Valentine's Day Stickers 6

Source: etsy.com

15 Cool Valentine's Day Stickers 9

Source: etsy.com

15 Cool Valentine's Day Stickers 11

Source: Rigby and Fale

Remember, a sticker does half the work for you. Instead of having to lick some weird tasting glue, you can buy them in a variety of shapes and sizes that suit whatever project you may have.

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Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes is a creative person living in Baltimore, Md. She loves embroidery, collaboration and the Web. For the past three and a half years, she's maintained the blog Brown Paper Bag. Updated daily, she shares textiles, illustration, design, products and more. In addition to blogging, she also enjoys collaborating with people everywhere, planning like Sampler, a love letter to contemporary embroidery, and the Collage Scrap Exchange, which pairs collage artists around the world. Follow her on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.


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  3. This is a wonderful collection! Thank you SO MUCH for featuring my kraft hearts 🙂 <3 <3

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    What a fun post!! Lots of cute sticker ideas. Thanks for featuring two of our designs 🙂 -Dani