13 International Postcards
If you aren't traveling to Europe, Asia, or South America anytime soon, these 13 international postcards are the next best thing.

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There’s little worse than the frustration of being bit by the travel bug like lacking the funds or time to make your dream getaway a reality. One thing that can soothe your wanderlust adventures is poring over pictures of a destination vacation.

These 13 international postcards might just do the trick.

1. Cool Colors

A canvas-like texture lends great grain to this beautiful image from Dubai. The sedated color scheme gives a subdued feel to the image, too.

13 International Postcards 1

Source: xue-originals.blogspot.com

2. Simple Yet Enticing

This solitary bird alludes to Costa Rica’s lush tropical landscape.

13 International Postcards 2

Source: zazzle.ca

3. A Vintage Effect

The explosion of the photo-modifying application Instagram has made washed-out photography hip once more. The old-fashioned vibe of this example, as well as the mix of flora, fauna, sand, and ocean, makes for a scene I want to step right into.

13 International Postcards 3

Source: breeweehawaii.blogspot.com

4. Sultry Sicily

This old-fashioned postcard makes great use of fabric, giving it texture and dimension.

13 International Postcards 4

Source: mylot.com

5. A Picturesque View

The gentle mix of dark-toned greens and a crystal blue body of water is perfectly laid against a mountainside backdrop.

13 International Postcards 5

Source: cather.unl.edu

6. A Fun, Minimal Design

If you look closely at this graphic play off the Japanese flag, you’ll get a peek into the bustling energy of downtown Tokyo.

13 International Postcards 6

Source: dannyhographics.wordpress.com

7. A Powerful Pop of Color

Using pixels that pop, this postcard sets a tone as zany and fun as a wacky Japanese game show. The two elements at play here—a washed-out yet complex backdrop and in-your-face lettering work by playing with the same theme, only in different tones.

13 International Postcards 7

Source: designyoutrust.com

8. An Egyptian Getaway

A royal blue background and golden-honey color palette make for an Egyptian postcard that’s fit for a pharaoh. This postcard keeps things simple, but the use of contrasting colors and interesting fonts keeps things from getting boring.

13 International Postcards 8

Source: zazzle.com

9. Welcome to Paradise

The palm fronds framing the edges of this image provides a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking landscape and clear blue waters below.

13 International Postcards 9

Source: zazzle.com

10. Exotic Night Life

This postcard uses a unique and stunning image with a sans serif font in white, which lets the photo serve its purpose–being center stage.

13 International Postcards 10

Source: trekkigalsblog.blogspot.com

11. Regally Appealing

The illustration uses the entire space in a centralized manner and capitalizes on the regal white coloring of the Taj Mahal, the lush greenery, and the bright sky surrounding it.

13 International Postcards 11

Source: moodyscollectibles.com

12. A Seaside Oasis

The combination of crisp white buildings, darkened islands, calming waters, and a few lone cruise ships is so compelling I want to get on a plane headed to Athens right now.

13 International Postcards 12

Source: rodeime.blogspot.com

13. A Spicy Getaway

A festive sombrero scenario in pepper red complements the rounded text. A dusty green background with a slightly grainy texture rounds out this postcard with a great feel of Mexican merriment.

13 International Postcards 13

Source: jitterbuzz.com

Add International Flair to Your Postcards

From breathtaking photography and great vintage designs to an excellent mix of graphic elements, these postcards temporarily make me feel better about not being on a boat in South America, India, or Japan. I hope you found an example or two to inspire your next journey — or perhaps just add a jolt to your own design work.

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