13 Political Stickers
All these stickers are politically correct.

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Whether you’re left-wing or right-wing (or think both sides are completely ludicrous), here are 13 political stickers that meet their mark with wit, wisdom, symbolism, and bumper bravery.

Let’s get political with it!

1. Passive-Aggressive Speech

Tired of outrageous government spending? So was the creator of this spending saying.

13 Political Stickers 1

Source: ebay.com

2. Irony on a Sticker

Some of the best statements ever made by politicians came ages before the day of the sound bite.

13 Political Stickers 2

Source: peaceproject.com

3. Free Wisconsin

There’s something about a badger blowing an opponent a raspberry that takes a stance without being too abrasive.


13 Political Stickers 3

Source: zazzle.com

4. Anti-Opinion Humor

Show your anti-statement sentiment with an adhesive adage of your own, and stick it to them.

13 Political Stickers 4

Source: thatsmycongress.com

5. Stewart & Colbert for President!

Show your support for team Comedy Central via this sticker ad for the Stewart/Colbert ticket.

13 Political Stickers 5

Source: thatsmycongress.com

6. Sarcastic Meets Extreme

It takes a certain sense of humor to appreciate this sticker — let alone adhere it to an automobile.

13 Political Stickers 6

Source: etsy.com

7. Angry Bird Takeover

Whether you think the president is truly worthy of such a title, or you just love some Angry Birds, this sticker can have an appeal as addicting as the catapulting feathered warriors.

13 Political Stickers 7

Source: zazzle.com

8. Obama Without the Drama

Hate the theatrics of politics and lean a bit left? Then let these theater faces in red and blue state your opinions for you.


13 Political Stickers 8

Source: leftique.com

9. In Favor for Neither Party

Show your indecisiveness by choosing this no-choice sticker.

13 Political Stickers 9

Source: google.com

10. Animal Puns

Maybe you don’t have political opinions, but perhaps your pets do.

13 Political Stickers 10

Source: digitizethis.com

11. Uncomfortable Opinions

Show your anti-socialist side with this anti-bailout bulletin.

13 Political Stickers 11

Source: etsy.com

12. Conservative to the Core

If you’ve still got more political opinions than what can be covered in these four images, you’re going to have to find more bumper space.

13 Political Stickers 12

Source: etsy.com

13. Support for All

Show your hope for cohabitation with this “all parties” welcome sticker and be a voice for peace (or at least display a sticker for one).

13 Political Stickers 13

Source: wholesalecentral.com

Left, Left….Right, Right

These political stickers offer something for a variety of political opinions, from the far left to the far right (and all those in between). When it comes to showing your political opinions, exercise your right to free sticker speech.

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  1. looks like some of our current “political” figures need to read that Thomas Paine stickers

  2. ha, love the colbert and stewart one, i would vote for them any day over any of the guys we have