13 Scary Halloween T-Shirts
Crazy clowns, maniacal movie stars, and vengeful vampires make these shirts quiver on the hanger.

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If Halloween is your favorite holiday and you want to carry the spirit of the season with you all year round, then take a look at 13 of the scariest T-shirts I could find. The results show that fear can come in many forms.

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 2

Source: tntmagazine.com

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 3

Source: skreened.com

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 6

Source: creepy-tees.com

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 7

Source: cafepress.com

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 10

Source: t-shirts-around.blogspot.com

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 12

Source: ghoulzone.com

13 Scary Halloween T-shirts 13

Source: zazzle.com

All right, scary shirt hunters of the world: Did you see anything worth adding to your closet? Remember, when it comes to scary Halloween shirts, the options are wide-ranging and can be as disgusting, chill-inducing, or mind-boggling as you want. Just pick your fright and wear it right.

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  1. um, would anyone really wear some of these in public??? that number 10 shirt is disgusting

  2. omg, they are all nasty. can’t believe ppl have these