13 Stickers Kids Will Love
Good old-fashioned fun with stickers has never gone out of style.

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Even in the era of iPads and Xbox 360s, kids can still have old-fashioned fun with traditional stickers. These adhesive toys get an added dose of fun when they have a homemade base, transform a room, or a make lunchbox smile.

Take a look at the examples below to come up with entertaining games your kids will love. These great ideas may just peel them away from whatever screen your kids are glued to.

1. A Homemade Idea for Any Play Date

Why not make adhesive use of images of your child and their friends, along with some fun wardrobe additions?

Stickers Kids Will Love 1

Source: polwig.com

2. Lions and Tigers and Beds, Oh My!

When stickers get big, as in the new trend of adhesive wall art, your child’s room can become their own zoo.

Stickers Kids Will Love 2

Source: homeinteriordesigned.com

3. Flying to Fun Heights

Getting ready for a trip and got a kid with flight fears? Perhaps your child is an aviation aficionado—whatever the reason, kids will love these colorful plane stickers. For an added bonus, help your child build a story. Where is the plane going? Who is in it?

Stickers Kids Will Love 3


4. Property of A Kid’s Favorite Space (or Bedroom)

With a gaggle of kids in one house, the desire to stake your territory is strong. So why not let your child stake their claim on their space with these fun name stickers? This take on wall art gets an added bonus when combined with some of your child’s favorite hobbies, be it baseball or ballet.

Stickers Kids Will Love 4

Source: stickeryou.com

5. A Glow-in-the-Dark Surprise

No fears about monsters in the closet with glowing wall art that lights the night when the sun goes down.

Stickers Kids Will Love 5

Source: homeklondike.com

6. A Birthday Pop

Add stickers to a birthday party and you’ve got fun toys that won’t make a big mess. You can use them to adorn cupcake liners, napkins, and anything else your child desires. Just don’t be surprised if a few get applied to faces of guests.

Stickers Kids Will Love 6

Source: merrimentdesign.com

7. Wall Decor Galore

These wall stickers can be a new take on the traditional wall height measurement.

Stickers Kids Will Love 7

Source: girlsroomdesign.com

8. A Party Goodie Bag Must

Kids expect to leave a party with a gift, not just give one. So why not let guests create their own take-home prize with by packing tiny candy bags enclosed with their own packing sticker?

Stickers Kids Will Love 8

Source: blog.peartreegreetings.com

9. Leaving Little Notes for Anyone to Find

Turn fruits and vegetables into a snack-time favorite with these homemade stickers that tell your children how much you love them.

Stickers Kids Will Love 9

Source: ohhappyday.com

10. Perfect for DIY Mini Projects

Combine a basic sticker idea with some old jars and votive candles, and you’ve got a fun, low-cost idea that will let creativity come to light.

Stickers Kids Will Love 10

Source: creativejewishmom.com

11. A Face-y Lunch That Delights

A new school year can get a kid down, what with the dog days of summer and trips to the pool far behind them. So why not brighten their day at lunchtime with a meal that gets a little silly?

Stickers Kids Will Love 11

Source: food.tipjunkie.com

12. Googly-Eyed Goodness

Still fighting the back-to-school blues? Let your kids decorate their supplies with some googly eyes. Sitting in class with a calculator that’s looking back at them can be just the fun they need to forget they’re working on math.

Stickers Kids Will Love 12

Source: soyouthinkyoucanmom.com

13. Mess-Free, Create-Your-Own Fun

Need a quick art project idea to keep kiddos happy—without ruining any clothes? Let them make fun stickers to adhere to their clothes. Simply remove before washing, and the no-mess project is also a no stress laundry load.

Stickers Kids Will Love 13

Source: zakkalife.blogspot.com

Stickers are Not Just for Car Bumpers

Parties can get their pizzazz, and back-to-school blahs can be banished, all with the fun of stickers. This old-fashioned toy is still a joy and one you can turn to for instant, low-cost fun. With any luck, a few of these ideas will stick with you.

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