13 Student Council Poster Ideas
Posters that stand up, shout out, and demand attention.

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With all the incredible resources and tools that are right now accessible to everybody thanks to the web, coming up with a great-looking poster that will not only get the attention, but that will also be able to get your message across the classroom has never been so easy.

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Here are some examples of remarkable posters for your reference and inspiration.

Student Council Posters 1

Source: Andrew Emerson

Student Council Posters 2

Source: Wes Brown

Student Council Posters 3

Source: Adam Hanif

Student Council Posters 10

Source: Ryan O’Shea

Student Council Posters 11

Source: saitsa.com

Student Council Posters 12

Source: Matilde Digmann

Student Council Posters 13

Source: Brady Davidson

The secret to create a student council poster that will work is often a mix of invention, fun, boldness, and a touch of brilliance. Slogans and graphics, when carefully chosen to suit your ideas, will do the rest.

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  1. just stumpled upon this list, some cool designs on here, thanks

  2. wow, that first poster looks almost communist, ha

  3. This is really great! Do you know which websites were used to make these posters? Or, could you suggest some poster making websites? Thank you very much!

  4. Can you tell me how I can get a template for the first poster featured? I love the design and would love to edit and use it for my school.