13 Unique Business Card Designs
In the complex world of networking, a stand-out business card means you'll be remembered.

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In today’s crazy economy, it’s not enough to just stand out. You need to be remembered. Whether leaving a job fair, an interview, or just a chance run-in at a restaurant, you have just moments to make an impression.

Perhaps that’s why so many business cards today are so creative. From innovative fonts and engaging designs to artful designs and shapely cutouts, some of the best cards out there take the old conventions of how a business card should look, chuck them out the window, and replace them with a card that is attention-grabbing and memorable.

Think it’s time to give your business card some new punch? If you’re on the prowl for inspiration, take a look at some of the crème de la crème of cards out there.

1. Clear-ly Cool

Clear-cut cards: the creative use of a transparent material speaks to your own transparency.

Clear Cut Business Cards

2. An iPhone Twist

Want them to call you? Give them a phone.

Phone-Shaped Business Card

3. A Letterpressed Impression

With a punchy design (and extra kudos for a tongue-in-cheek “place thumb here” suggestion), you’re sure to impress.

13 Unique Business Card Ideas

Source: magpiepress.co.nz

4. An Impressive Punch-Out

Show them you’re ready to get in their company ring with punch-out, high-impact cards.


5. Sleek & Chic

Keep them searching for more with a minimalistic black and white card with a QR code showing you’re motivated and up-to-date.


6. A Colorful Way to Stick Out from the Crowd

A vibrant card in a memorable hue. They’ll definitely remember to email you.


7. Google’s the Way to Go

What better way to show a potential employer you’re what they’re looking for than with Google-themed cards?


8. First-Hand Experience

What better way to plant a seed in someone’s mind than to hand them a packet, er, card, filled with seeds?

13 Unique Business Card Ideas

Source: gavinmartin.co.uk

9. Two-for-One Use

Show them how handy you can be from the start with a card that’s fun and functional.


10. Cleverly Putting the Pieces Together

When your business card alone grows into something greater, you give the impression that you can, too.

13 Unique Business Card Ideas

Source: westhomasdesign.com

11. Purposefully Memorable

Show you’re of good use with this USB business card—sure to be toted and loaded.


12. Getting Handsy

Give them a nice firm handshake they can keep with this unique introduction card.


13. A Stackable Impression

Show your inner child, and the building blocks of a great career, with this card.

13 Unique Business Card Ideas

Source: divknowledge.com

Don’t Be Shy to Be a Show-Off

In the complex world of networking, you have to be true to yourself. Show potential employers or contacts that you’re fun, creative, innovative, complex, growing, and talented through your card. Don’t sell yourself short. Let your inspiration shine through and create a card that has as much to show for itself as you and your talents do.

Until then, we’ll be in touch.

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  1. love the handshake one. If someone handed me that sucker, I would remeber them.