14 Cool Business Brochure Ideas
Forget about traditional business brochures and get inspired by these designs that are willing to break the rules.

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If you want to stand out in a sea of pamphlets, you need something unique – be it a catchy slogan, vibrant color scheme or refreshing design.

It can be hard to break molds in the world of business brochures, so long dominated by dull colors and hokey clip art, but we’re here to tell you how it can be done.

To prove it, we’ve searched high and low for some truly innovative ways to get beyond your basic tri-fold brochure.

Business Brochure Ideas 1

Source: thefolk.com

Business Brochure Ideas 2

Source: leithalthinking.com

Business Brochure Ideas 3

Source: babareckibusiness.com

Business Brochure Ideas 4

Source: 123rf.com

Business Brochure Ideas 5

Source: brochure-design.com

Business Brochure Ideas 6

Source: artfans.info

Business Brochure Ideas 7

Source: theboardtampabay.com

Business Brochure Ideas 8

Source: falkphotodesign.com

Business Brochure Ideas 9

Source: infobeacon.com

Business Brochure Ideas 10

Source: free-brochure-templates.org

Business Brochure Ideas 11

Source: shannonrose.com

Business Brochure Ideas 12

Source: evanwmoran.com

Business Brochure Ideas 13

Source: tsizone.com

Business Brochure Ideas 14

Source: therewasastickman.com

We hope you’ve been inspired to throw out some old conventions you thought were written in the stone tablets of promotional material writing. Have fun with your business brochures, and take advantage of different shapes, popping color schemes and eye-grabbing graphics.

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  1. That red hook on is really good. I like brochures that are bold like that

  2. I enjoyed the examples very much. Being a designer, the text descriptions are a good reference but I definitely found myself reading them after analyzing the images. In correlation with this article, could you possibly post an article in reference to font decisions?

    Thanks for the precedents!

    • Harold Fishman (Printaholic.com)

      Thanks for your comments, SLP! I hope your brochure project was a major success. Also, thanks for the wonderful article idea. Font selection is definitely a major decision for brochure and marketing material designers. Keep checking back and we will try and get something up soon!