14 Die Cut Brochures
Die cut could be the best way to communicate more with fewer words.

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Tired of the same old, been there, folded that brochure? Ready to punch up your next piece of promotional literature — be it for a business, extracurricular cause or product?

Take a look at these examples of cool brochures that are cut from a different cloth thanks to their use of die cutting.

Whether the examples below are puzzling, fruity or ready to take flight, they are all foldable proof that you can do more with less when die cutting is involved.

Die Cut Brochures 1

Source: wmsalitdesign.com

Die Cut Brochures 2

Source: gdhta.co.uk

Die Cut Brochures 3

Source: gdhta.co.uk

Die Cut Brochures 4

Source: mahdesigninc.com

Die Cut Brochures 5

Source: figdig.com

Die Cut Brochures 6

Source: sbannister.co.uk

Die Cut Brochures 7

Source: mcgaw.net

Die Cut Brochures 8

Source: dschmidt14.wordpress.com

Die Cut Brochures 9

Source: cpgraphics.net

Die Cut Brochures 10

Source: Cathy Van Hoang

Die Cut Brochures 11

Source: gladworks.com

Die Cut Brochures 12

Source: jpdcom.com

Die Cut Brochures 13

Source: imgspark.com

Die Cut Brochures 14

Source: made-in-china.com

You don’t need a lot 0f words to get your message across – just some creative concepts and engaging themes.

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  1. nice, die cuts really add some pizaz that brochures are usually lacking. If you are looking for print a brochure for a business meeting or seomthing, checking out different die-cut options is a good idea.