14 Fan-Plastic Business Cards Ideas
Want a long-lasting card? Try plastic!

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When you go to the grocery store, they always ask paper or plastic, but what about business cards? Do you choose paper or plastic?

When it comes to your next business card design, you might find plastic to be a versatile medium, one filled with tons of creative ways to market your name and skills while making a lasting impression.

Below is a collection of cool business cards that showcase how innovative and creative you can be with plastic.

Plastic Business Cards 1

Source: plasticprinters.com

Plastic Business Cards 2

Source: tc-plastic.com

Plastic Business Cards 3

Source: graphicdesignerbusinesscards.com

Plastic Business Cards 4

Source: plasticbusinesscardsnow.com

Plastic Business Cards 5

Source: plasticprinters.com

Plastic Business Cards 6

Source: pinkograf.com

Plastic Business Cards 7

Source: slodive.com

Plastic Business Cards 8

Source: webdesigneraid.com

Plastic Business Card 9

Source: designrfix.com

Plastic Business Cards 10

Source: soultravelmutimedia.com

Plastic Business Cards 11

Source: designtutorials4u.com

Plastic Business Cards 12

Source: blog.makezine.com

Plastic Business Cards 13

Source: mowdesign.blogspot.com

Plastic Business Cards 14

Source: badassbusinesscards.com

Whether embossed with flair or uncluttered and clear, plastic business cards are a sturdy way to pass on your credentials, open the door to new opportunities and leave a lasting, creative impression on whoever you network with.

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  1. Ive noticed that carrying a lot of plastic cards is actually quite a pain

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (Printaholic.com)

      Yes, that can be a little bit of an inconvenience when you make the jump from thinner paper to a thicker material like plastic. However, it could really be worth the hassle to have a card that blows all others away!

  2. descent and second is so nice….

  3. All those clear plastic business cards look really nice.

  4. Kenny Austin
    Kevin Austin (Printaholic.com)

    Glad you liked them, Dude! Which was your favorite?