14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts
You won't be able to look at Christmas the same way after viewing these shirts.

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Think sweaters take the (fruit) cake for the season’s most hideous clothing choices? Well, here are 14 of the ugliest holiday tees we could find, so think again.

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 3

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 4

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 5

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 8

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 9

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 10

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 11

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14 Ugly Christmas T-shirts 14

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If I’m honest, ugly T-shirts and sweaters are a part of the joy of the season. It’s great getting together with friends and family, while making light of everyone’s ugly outfits.

So out of all these T-shirts, which one did you dislike the most?

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  1. eww, i disliked #13 the most. creepy!

  2. justteaformethanks

    some of these are pretty raunchy.