15 Awful Brochures
Avoid a brochure blunder by doing the opposite of these brochures.

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Nothing can kill an ad campaign quicker than a brochure that is bland, blah, brash, or bleak. Check out these 15 truly awful brochures, a sort of cautionary tale for what not to do when embarking on your brochure journey.

15 Awful Brochures 1

Source: creativemarketingguru.com

15 Awful Brochures 2

Source: creativemarketing.com

15 Awful Brochures 3

Source: trottlebee.wordpress.com


Source: interpretationbydesign.com

15 Awful Brochures 5

Source: golittlehobo.com

15 Awful Brochures 6

Source: jessicaroblewski33.blogspot.com

15 Awful Brochures 7

Source: musicmattersblog.com

15 Awful Brochures 8

Source: fishingvideos.com

15 Awful Brochures 9

Source: youreverywoman.blogspot.com

15 Awful Brochures 10

Source: jessicaroblewski33.blogspot.com

15 Awful Brochures 11

Source: mrscravitz.blogspot.com

15 Awful Brochures 12

Source: behance.net

15 Awful Brochures 13

Source: cmrealestatemarketing.com

15 Awful Brochures 14

Source: dontpanictheansweris42.blogspot.com

15 Awful Brochures 15

Source: docstoc.com

While I’m sure your brochures weren’t on here, I hope you took some messages away from the list, such as watch your font usage, go easy on the clip art, and pick one central message and stick with it.

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  1. I actually kinda like #8…

  2. Ha, i could really see myslef creating something close to most of these and thinking it was great

    • Kristi Maddox (Printaholic.com)

      It is very easy to put all the information and pictures you have down and print it out. It is amazing how a little formatting can avoid making brochures like these!

  3. I dont really know how you can be so critical when your writting this post on a terribly designed website with awful avatars

  4. Kristi Maddox (Printaholic.com)

    Sorry you feel that way, Jane! What kind of changes do you think would make the site and avatars look better?