15 Badass Breaking Bad Posters
You'll be saying our name after this list.

Sara Barnes

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I’m sure many of you have watched the television show “Breaking Bad.” If not, then I’d highly recommend it, but be aware that you are in for an hour-long anxiety attack.

It’s a fascinating and suspenseful show with excellent character development, plot twists and beautiful cinematography. Its multiple accolades and dedicated fan base are well-deserved.

To commemorate a good show, its artistically-inclined fans have designed posters. If you also are a fan, you’ll enjoy the references made in each poster. Otherwise, I think you can enjoy the technique and formal aspects of these works. (Maybe it’s time to add “Breaking Bad” to your Netflix queue, too!)

15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 1

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 6

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 7

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 9

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 10

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 11

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 12

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 13

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 14

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15 Cool Breaking Bad Posters 15

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OK, I think we’ve fit as many “Breaking Bad” quotes into this article as we can. Now it’s your turn! Which poster was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes
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  1. omg, thsese are amazing. wow, love breaking bad.

  2. sheesh, so many good ones here. I think my favorite is number 6, but each time I look at them all I find a new one that sticks out. Very cool list!

  3. Team PosterGully

    Thank You Sara for taking note of the Breaking Bad artwork on our site.
    Cheers! 🙂

    PS: Super awesome collection indeed