15 Fold Types for Every Brochure
Don't fold under the pressure of choosing one!

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Do you know what your type is? No, I’m not talking about dating. I’m talking about brochures!

Picking the right brochure fold can be as challenging as picking a date, especially the first time around.

Before making your choice, it’s good to ask yourself a few questions, such as how you want to use the brochure, what content it needs to accommodate, what type of reader you want to attract and so on.

The good news is there is a huge selection of folds to choose from. The bad news is you actually have to select one!

So get started by checking out these popular 15 brochure folds below, and see which type fits your needs best.

Best Used For: Simple business presentations

15 Brochure Fold Types 1

Best Used For: Compact pieces that are easy to read and unfold

15 Brochure Fold Types 2

Best Used For: Graphically-heavy designs

15 Brochure Fold Types 3

Best Used For: Promotional leaflets and programs

15 Brochure Fold Types 4

Best Used For: Large presentations

15 Brochure Fold Types 5

Best Used For: Mailing and “quick glance” handouts

15 Brochure Fold Types 6

Best Used For: Text- and information-heavy designs

15 Brochure Fold Types 7

Best Used For: Step-by-step and tutorial information

15 Brochure Fold Types 8

Best Used For: Trade shows and booth handouts

15 Brochure Fold Types 9

Best Used For: Travel brochures

15 Brochure Fold Types 10

Best Used For: Newsletters, maps, charts and large diagrams

15 Brochure Fold Types 11

Best Used For: Newsletters and text-heavy inserts

15 Brochure Fold Types 12

Best Used For: Promotional booklets

15 Brochure Fold Types 13

Best Used For: Invitations

15 Brochure Fold Types 14

Best Used For: Large presentations

15 Brochure Fold Types 15

Picking the right fold for a brochure requires time and thought. To help make your choice, think of the end product you want.

Remember to carefully choose the best printing service for your project. Contact the printer to find out exactly what types of brochures they will be able to produce, and always double-check your design and think through multiple fold types before finalizing on your selection.

Photo Source: pixeden.com

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    There is some flexibility on the panel size if some size is more economical than other sizes.
    Initially I am wanting 100 each of 4 brochures.
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