15 Cool Off-Center T-shirts
Off-center designs add complexity to boring T-shirts.

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One of the coolest things about T-shirts is they fit a variety of purposes and styles. T-shirts offer many designers the opportunity to unleash their imagination by creating any kind of T-shirt they want.

But who said the only acceptable placement for a T-shirt’s design is dead center? Just look below.

15 Off-Center T-shirts 1

Source: nordicstore.net

15 Off-Center T-shirts 3

Source: onetshirt.eu

15 Off-Center T-shirts 4

Source: Airi Irene Koga

15 Off-Center T-shirts 5

Source: Tom Boucher

15 Off-Center T-shirts 6

Source: Ja Design Group

15 Off-Center T-shirts 7

Source: therosebuds.com

15 Off-Center T-shirts 9

Source: intraligi.com

15 Off-Center T-shirts 11

Source: 8wear.com

15 Off-Center T-shirts 13

Source: notofusai.com

15 Off-Center T-shirts 14

Source: LeftBrainDead

15 Off-Center T-shirts 15

Source: sumiinkclub.com

The average design placement will work pretty well in most cases, but experimenting and trying different schemes is fun and might have greater impact on the viewer.

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  1. some of these are pretty sweet. Love the rock climbing one

  2. 5 is my favotire with the horses