15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations
The Oscars are elegant and entertaining, so you want your invites to reflect that.

Sara Barnes

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The 86th Academy Awards are right around the corner (Sunday, March 2), and it’s the perfect reason to throw a viewing party.

What’s better than sitting around with friends and family discussing outfits, critiquing speeches and celebrating your appreciation for good films? Not much else.

Make your event shine from the get-go with some nicely designed invitations. There are so many creative ways to approach and brand your event, and a lot of designers stick with using glitzy colors like black, gold and silver in their work.

15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 2

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 6

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 7

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 9

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 10

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 11

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 13

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 14

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15 Cool Oscar Party Invitations 15

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A good starting point is to ask yourself what’s your favorite thing about the Oscars. Is it the celebration of filmmaking? Do you love to look at what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet? Or is there a particular film you want to win Best Picture?

Think about it and use it to plan an amazing party!

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