15 Cool Product Brochures
Products are everywhere, so your product brochure should be, too!

Sara Barnes

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Let’s say, hypothetically, you sell different flavors of homemade jam. You’re confident the people will love it, and you want to start making sales. But how do you this? You promote!

The all-important product brochure will educate the public on how your strawberry jam is made with only the finest strawberries and how you can everything yourself.

The brochure is something that’s portable and gives the reader vital information about your product.

15 Cool Product Brochures 1

Source: Brandon Souba

15 Cool Product Brochures 3

Source: Braun Brochures

15 Cool Product Brochures 4

Source: Herman Miller

15 Cool Product Brochures 7

Source: Jim Heru

15 Cool Product Brochures 8

Source: plazm.com

15 Cool Product Brochures 9

Source: hybridlava.com

15 Cool Product Brochures 11

Source: monnet.ca

15 Cool Product Brochures 14

Source: Thom Isom

When contemplating a design, think about your viewer – a potential customer. What information is important for them to know?

In jam, it might be something like nutritional information, packaging amounts and the story of your small business.

And never underestimate the power of good photography. When coupled with good design, it will make your product brochure pop.

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