15 Cool Springtime Photos
Not only does spring bring nice weather, but it also brings nice photos!

Sara Barnes

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      I think we’ve collectively earned spring. Don’t you? The polar vortex showed some of us some nasty weather and cold temperatures, and it’ll be nice to leave the house without a parka on.

Spring is a time for plants to bloom, birds to fly home and holidays like Easter and Passover. These photographs capture the essence of the season, especially in their vibrant colors and the natural beauty they showcase.

What does spring mean to you? For me, it means going back to the farmers market, a favorite activity of mine!

15 Cool Springtime Photos 1

Source: Marcel Bednarz

15 Cool Springtime Photos 2

Source: Sue Hsu

15 Cool Springtime Photos 4


15 Cool Springtime Photos 5

Source: Simon

15 Cool Springtime Photos 6

Source: Rene Rodriguez

15 Cool Springtime Photos 7

Source: Jaewoon U

15 Cool Springtime Photos 9

Source: Matt M

15 Cool Springtime Photos 10

Source: Ilona Bryan

15 Cool Springtime Photos 11

Source: flickr.com

15 Cool Springtime Photos 12

Source: Leanne Surfleet

15 Cool Springtime Photos 14

Source: Alan Sailer

15 Cool Springtime Photos 15

Source: Johnny Kruger

Flickr and 500px are great photography sites to look at. They are social sites, so searching for something will bring you different variations on a theme from all over the world. They are not only great resources, but they are also really interesting sites.

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