15 Cool Zombie Photos
Zombies are so in right now!

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From TV shows like “The Walking Dead” to zombie walks, zombie-themed stuff is all over the place.

It’s hard to explain why everybody is so into the flesh-eating undead, but the fact is undeniable – zombies and everything related to them are a huge phenomenon.

Speaking of zombies, we have some really cool images taken by talented photographers from around the world in our super-scary selection of zombie photographs.

15 Cool Zombie Photos 3

Source: LiveRasol

15 Cool Zombie Photos 5

Source: Alma Keriz

15 Cool Zombie Photos 6

Source: Mehmet Turgut

15 Cool Zombie Photos 7

Source: Rebeca Saray

15 Cool Zombie Photos 8

Source: Josh Huskin

15 Cool Zombie Photos 9

Source: Alba Cendros

15 Cool Zombie Photos 10

Source: Brit Bentine

15 Cool Zombie Photos 11

Source: Mark Lobo

15 Cool Zombie Photos 12

Source: James Thomas

15 Cool Zombie Photos 13

Source: Rachel Blackman

15 Cool Zombie Photos 14

Source: Doug Stringham

15 Cool Zombie Photos 15

Source: Dean McClelland

Wow, it must be pretty hard to get rid of all that fake blood when the fun is over. By the way, what do you think? Weren’t these photos real heart-stoppers?

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  1. omg number 10 is the worst

  2. wow these are creepy. really creeped out by 6 for some reason

  3. Number 10 is my favorite! My daughter is going as a zombie ballerina this year and is trying to make it unique compared to some of the more traditional creations of this look! So glad she isn’t a princess or pretty girl costume lover! She’s 8 and says the scarier the better! She decided on her own, 3 years ago, that she likes “real” halloween costumes. I made the mistake of picking up a rack costume when she was 5 instead of taking her with me bc it was on sale. She made me take back the stereotypical girlie costume and banned me from ever leaving her out of the decision. Ever since then she has been getting more and more creative with her costumes in order to be the scariest little girl on halloween! She still looks absolutely beautiful no matter what she wears (so does this little girl apparently…so cute!)! I guess I am a little biased, but she really does pull off the beautiful scary look very well! She was a dead bride last year and won the two contests she was in beating out much older kids, AND ADULTS! This also led to the tradition of us making our costumes every year and spending a lot of time together which has yielded some of my most treasured memories as a mother. Love, love, love the number 10 photo! Thanks for posting more zombie inspiration for our project! Happy Halloween!