15 Famous Business Cards
Ever wonder what Lady Gaga or Walt Disney's business cards look like? Well, wonder no more.

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Business cards can make a huge difference in establishing relationships with potential clients and partners. We have seen many examples of creative business cards already, but what do the business cards of the famous and successful look like?

Just take a look at the 15 famous business cards below, which include artists, scientists, politicians, businesspeople and more!

15 Famous Business Cards 1

Source: streetsofsalem.com

15 Famous Business Cards 2

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15 Famous Business Cards 3

Source: gottahaverockandroll.com

15 Famous Business Cards 4

Source: wildabouthoudini.com

15 Famous Business Cards 5

Source: weloveapple.tumblr.com

15 Famous Business Cards 6

Source: 9am.ro

15 Famous Business Cards 7

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15 Famous Business Cards 8

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15 Famous Business Cards 9

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15 Famous Business Cards 10

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15 Famous Business Cards 11

Source: monikapolitan.com

15 Famous Business Cards 12

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15 Famous Business Cards 13

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15 Famous Business Cards 14

Source: ar15.com

15 Famous Business Cards 15

Source: videomartyr.com

In most cases, these famous people favored a minimal and elegant design. The name — and qualification — is everything and it can speak for itself. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of detail and visual gimmicks to make a business card stand out.

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  1. wow, these are awesome. Love Houdini’s card!

  2. Clearly the Isaac Asimov one is better. Houdini?!?! That guy couldn’t even escape his own crap.

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  4. Wow, that was just awesome. I always wondered how big famous people’s business cards looked like. I am so flattered seeing this collection. Disney’s and Barak Obama’s cards I liked the most. Thanks for sharing this collection.

  5. Great work for business card designs. I have started working with afterhourscreativestudio.com a few years ago on a small business idea and they give me awesome print and design for my business cards.