15 Funny Keep Calm Posters
You'll never have another panic attack with these Keep Calm posters.

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From the explosion of “Keep Calm” posters that have exploded as of late, you’d really think we need to chill out. The original “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign has become a springboard for what seems like a million different takes on the phrase. Some are sarcastic, some are filled with alternative advice, and others are downright cranky commentary on the overuse of the phrase and trend.

Just keep calm and read on, OK?

So, be honest: How are you feeling now? Docile? Tame? Relaxed? No matter how you’re feeling, I hope you found what you need to carry on.

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  1. GET TO DA CHAPPA!!! Baha!

  2. Love the ones on #2 and #8!